Phil-Am Consulting Tax Services, Inc.

Our firm is a service corporation organized under the laws of the State of Michigan. The incorporators are: Jesse Abesamis and Frank Borja, Jr.

Jesse Abesamis and Frank Borja have more than 50 years of combined accounting and tax experience.

Professional Background Work Experience

Jesse Abesamis:

Mr. Abesamis obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1968 from the Philippine College of Commerce (now Polytechnic University of the Philippines) with concentration in Accounting. Mr. Abesamis retired in December 2014 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), an agency of the United States Department of the Treasury, after more than 30 years of federal service. His responsibilities with the IRS included independent investigations of the most complex tax returns filed by large businesses, corporations and organizations. These included extensive subsidiaries, diversified activities, multiple partners and national or international scope and operations. His assignments included integrated analysis of intricate and complex accounting systems, business activities and financing.

Mr. Abesamis possesses an expert knowledge of the US Internal Revenue Code, rulings, court decisions, agency policies, regulations, and practices. Mr. Jesse Abesamis brings to you more than 30 years worth of knowledge and experience from working with the IRS.

Frank Borja:

Frank Borja holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree (Concentration: Accounting Finance). He attended Ateneo de Davao University from 1965-1970. After earning his undergraduate degree, Mr. Borja attended the College of Law of Ateneo de Davao University while working as an accountant for the Borja Law Offices.

Mr. Borja works independently as a small business consultant and financial analysts for various firms. He continues to assist small business organizations in the set-up and organization of small business organizations such as preparation of documents for incorporation, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and general partnerships. Mr. Borja has assisted various businesses in the set-up of their computerized accounting system tailoring the chart of accounts relative to the business organization. Frank Borja has more than 25 years of tax accounting experience.

Mr. Borja is currently an elected public official of the Saginaw Township Community Schools' (STCS) Board of Education. He was first elected to the STCS Board of Education in 1998 and was re-elected in 2014 for another 4-year term. The Board of Education oversees the operation of the school district and is the policy making body of the school district. He holds the distinction of being the first Asian-American to be elected in any of the Board of Education in the State of Michigan.

Professional Services Offered

  1. Small business start-up and filing of documents for LLC, LLP, Articles of Incorporation with the different governing authorities;
  2. Consultation pertaining to tax matters with the Internal Revenue Service and preparation of income tax returns for individuals and business organizations;
  3. Tax planning for individuals and small business organizations;
  4. Our firm is an authorized IRS E-file provider for individual income tax returns.

Focus of Services

  1. IRS Offers in Compromise
  2. Tax penalty abatement
  3. Tax notice representation
  4. Tax audit Appeals representation
  5. Wage levy releases
  6. Bank levy releases
  7. Tax lien releases
  8. Installment agreement representation
  9. Innocent and/or injured spouse representation
  10. Non-filer representation

Special Area of Interest

Our firm is ready to offer assistance to Filipino-Americans who are currently retired and residing permanently in the Philippines. We can represent you before the Internal Revenue Service without the necessity of you being present.

These retired Filipino-Americans are still subject to US income tax laws. Failure to comply or file yearly US income tax returns and pay taxes can result in substantial criminal and civil penalties. Under current law and regulations, the IRS has the power to levy or garnish any unpaid US income taxes from US-based financial institutions where the retiree's US source annuities or pension is currently being directly deposited.

Our team members feel pleased to say thanks to our supporters!

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  1. Give me Back

Our firm will entertain tax questions of Filipino-Americans retirees who are currently residing permanently in the Philippines as well as from Filipino-Americans who have intentions of permanently residing in the Philippines when they retire. If you would like us to represent you (and your spouse, if applicable), please download and fill in the following IRS Power of Attorney Form. Fill in Part 1, line 1, name and social security number(s); telephone #; Line 3, Tax Matters, the year(s) involved; line 5 or 6 (if authorized), 7 8; line 9, sign (and also your spouse, if applicable) on page 2. Fax or email us the document using the contact information listed below.